Sunday, April 10, 2005

Blogging from the Hospital, sort of

I gathered up my bravery today and ate the hospital food. My girlfriend was never going to touch the "FF Cream of Broccoli Soup" and I was feeling curious. It was almost like they'd poured cream and broccoli into a blender and mixed it up. She told me not to be silly, that it probably comes from a box and I was giving them too much credit. She's probably right. And what does "FF" mean anyway? We guessed "Full Flavoured" as opposed to half/half.

I'll be posting this when I get home, seeing how there's no wireless connection to be found anywhere in this hospital.

-They need to be tech'd


Great game for racing. Very much so unrealistic, but that's the kind of game that appeals to me. Unrealistic in the sense that I can escape the real world and occupy myself for a brief moment in another. Think F-Zero but with modern cars. Jumps, track editing, skin/paint editing, video save/replay. I haven't tried multiplayer, but the single player part of the demo I've seen shines very nice. The full game was just released April 8, so maybe I'll have my hands on it soon.

-vroom vroom

Master of Doom

Way back in the day, my Grandpa bought Final Doom (yeah, when you could still find Final Doom on store shelves ~ ie it was just released). I'd been exposed to Doom long before that, in the form of Doom 1. I've been playing around with Doom II lately. Maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake, as people have been playing the source ports for quite some time. I've tried out zDoom and jDoom (Doomsday).

zDoom is quite nice, for playability. The graphics are nicely updated for higher resolution, much like jDoom. But jDoom lacks in the gameplay department. Sure, jDoom shares jumping with zDoom and higher resolution textures, but jDoom just doesn't have the keyboard customizability that zDoom does. I like having my mouse wheel swap through weapons. You know, I think if jDoom had just that one little feature, I might play through Doom II with it, rather than zDoom. But in the mean time, it's zDoom all the way.

-Yeah, I've read the book Masters of Doom cover to cover