Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm blogging this!

Times like today when you wish you had a shirt with those words written across it. My girlfriend's Dad, tonight, wanted to treat us to dinner. He'd bought a cake for dessert; had expected to pay $6.99 for it but was charged $25.99 at the till. He shrugged and went home.

My girlfriend and I had picked up dinner and appies from a meat deli her Sister works at and drove to her parent's place. We had the appies and dinner, followed by the cake for dessert. Heh, more dessert than we bargained for. While eating my slice I thought I'd noticed a funny taste around the place where a banana slice was placed. I ate the banana and DAMN it was gross. I'd warned the others not go to there. I'd eaten my entire piece of cake; my girlfriend couldn't finish hers. She'd eaten a quarter, from the bottom.

So I proceeded to finish hers off. Got to the banana slice on her piece, tasted different again. Decided that it must be the different coloured whipped cream used on that part. Yeah, different coloured. Reddish, with little green spots. Wait a minute, the spots are fuzzy. Moldy cake. Her Dad had eaten two pieces, her Mom had one. Her little brother one, and I'd almost eaten two.

That thing was no doubt meant to be priced at $6.99, and should have been pulled the day before, for sure. The cake was returned, money was refunded. The shirt "I'm blogging this" would have come in handy during the refund. To warn the public, it was bought at The Real Canadian Super Store also affiliated with Extra Foods. So buyer beware.

-Fear Factor

Monday, April 18, 2005

Study Study

Updated my profile, added some items to my wishlist. Posted a picture, he's everyones favorite criminal. Replied to a new random question, something about the taste of pennies in your mouth. Misread as the taste of penis in your mouth.

Still studying here. Systems Analysis and Design along with Linear Algebra. Haven't touched SAD today, going with LinAlg. SAD later, maybe tomorrow. Just taking a break here, covered determinants, will now review eigen-vectors/values.

Reading Dracula by Abraham (Bram) Stoker. Excellent book, opened my eyes to the world of shorthand (as written in this blog). New style, may be a bit annoying to read, but easy to write. Back to studying for me.

Oh yeah: ChairDancing O numa numa song

-Girlfriend still got a sore side

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Home Time

My girlfriend has been home since Tuesday afternoon. It's good to have her back.

I've written two exams so far, still have Systems Analysis and Design left, as well as Linear Algebra. I've written Discrete Structures and Machine Architecture. It feels good to have those classes over with. And to never have that professor again, as he's taking a long vacation.

-Study, buddy