Wednesday, May 02, 2007

how to ace an interview

How to ace a job interview.

I'd been looking for work this last week and a half. Usually I'd be working with my professor at the University I attend, continuing the research I've been working on since summer 2004. My professor didn't get the funding she was expecting this year so I've had to look for work elsewhere.

I thought I'd try my luck with emailed resumes this year. It's worked. Monday morning I email a cover letter (forgetting to attach the email) at 9:30am (mere moments after waking up ~ my laptop is set up beside my bed). I get a phone call at 10:25am to set up my assessment and interviews for Wednesday.

How do you ace your interview? Apply somewhere you will be comfortable working. I'd applied at a technical support call center. I'll be working on a computer and telephone speaking with people about something I (for the moment) am interested in. So I showed up at 10:55am and was calm. I smiled and shook hands and dressed to impress. I had written my application and 45 minute assessment and had my first interview within the first half hour. I was asked to come back for a second interview at 3pm and unofficially I had the job. The 3pm interview lasted less than 5 minutes and I was off back with the first interviewer congratulating me on my new employment.

Apply somewhere you will be comfortable working. You'll come across naturally in your interview and make a lasting impression (at least I hope so, I'd like a raise already) on the people you meet.

-Will be looking for a real job for January 2008.