Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ex bleh

This shirt is dedicated to the one ex-girlfriend every guy has in his life that makes a man wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?" Sure, your buddies knew she was the devil from the beginning and they did try to warn you, but did you listen? Of course not. Were you blind? Were you just too stupid? Nope. You were just going through a Rite of Passage every man must make in his life. Like those National Geographic specials where the young male villagers must go wrestle a crocodile to be declared a man. Well, think of that crazy ex-girlfriend as that crocodile. Just be happy that you didn't put a ring on that crocodile's finger and decide that you wanted to wrestle it for the rest of your life. Because there are those poor, unfortunate bastards out there. I mean, who the hell would want to do that forever? Well, there are some guys who just plain like to wrestle crocodiles. Or how does this sound, "Sorry guys, can't go out tonight and have fun, have to stay home and wrestle the crocodile." You see where this is going? So to the young bucks who are just coming up, don't worry, your crocodile is out there and you will get to wrestle her soon enough. To the veterans, I raise my beer to you and say, "When going through hell, keep going."

-Had I the money, I'd buy that shirt

Sunday, April 30, 2006

entertain me

Michael Shantz

I'd like to take up some space here on my blog to bring your attention to a very talented artist and good friend of mine, Mike Shantz. If you know of anyone needing some original art done in a unique style, contact him through his myspace account or email me and I'll pass the message along to him. He's particularly interested in album art for musicians. He does posters too, as well as water colour, acrylics and designs for clothing.

-Check him out

Summer time is here

Everyone has moved home for the summer break. Motorcycles are on the road. People are getting out during the day to enjoy the sun.

I went for a hike Friday afternoon throughout Kalamalka Lake Park. That was a good walk. I didn't see any rattlesnakes or marmots or really anything else of interest. Not that I really really want to come across a rattlesnake anyway, but I'm the typical wide-eyed boy about strange creatures. I guess I'm just curious.

-Slow update season