Saturday, June 04, 2011

We're told he has skis for feet and long toes. One nurse calls Reid the little monkey.
We're told he has skis for feet and long toes. One nurse calls Reid the little monkey.
Our bouncing (and tightly bound) baby boy.
Our bouncing (and tightly bound) baby boy.
Another mother here at the hospital pointed out my Linux Journal "Geek by nature Linux by choice" t-shirt :)

Friday, June 03, 2011

It's a boy!
Our nurse is going to call in our doctor soon. She's just instructing Crystal with what to expect.
Falling asleep on my chair. Baby is still active. Crystal is still being a rock star. 6pm doesn't look probable. I'll guess 7:47pm.
Our nurse is estimating a delivery around 6pm. Me? No clue. Crystal is doing awesome. Like nothing is going on.
Crystal is being made comfortable. Might even fall asleep for a while. Doctor shift change. Back to last nights doctor.
2:49pm Crystal says for the first time: I don't want a second one (baby)
Listening to a lady pushing a baby out across the hall. Yikes.
Eating Crystal's hospital lunch while she giggles and huffs laughing gas.
We've got our support team here helping me as much as they are helping Crystal. She is doing well and having a hot shower now.
At hospital with Crystal. She was finally able to have her water broken. Odds are baby comes today.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Reading some Lord of the Rings Return of the King. Drifting off to sleep soon.
Back at home. Fixing up a quick work-related issue and then nap time!
Waiting to be sent home. Dunno what I'm looking forward to more: coffee or sleep. Maybe both? >:-)
I've been reading everyone's responses for Crystal. She says it's like getting cards. Thank you. We're learning patience :D
Being monitored again and then sent home to come back 12 hours later if things don't progress again. There's a funny movie in this somewhere
Lucky day. We've got another doctor we're familiar with. We're hanging out at the hospital for a while again. Baby can't come soon enough :)
Getting ready for day two. Different doctor today. I'm sure they're great and that someone else would be disappointed to not have them, too.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Baby watch 2011. Still pending. Bedtime for me soon. We thank you for the support, everyone.
Home. "Call us tomorrow morning if we don't see you tonight". Alrighty. #WaitingGame
May be sent home from the hospital. Again. :p
Heading back to the hospital because we're noobs and can't do this do-it-yourself-labor thing very well :)
Today feels like a good day to have a baby. Skipping out on work now. And at least one of us is skipping the #Canucks game tonight.