Friday, February 17, 2006

peph and myspace

Afterthought: I'm on MySpace

Yeah, after reading Pephemie's most recent post on her blog, it appears she's got a MySpace profile as well. And that brought to my attention that I don't know where hers is on MySpace... which led me to the "Aha!" moment that no one knows where my profile is either. So here it is.

-I don't blog on MySpace... that's what this is for.

wisdom of cliffy

Some advice from Cliffy B

I would have asked his permission to post this on my blog but the guy never responds to my emails so I can never be sure he even gets them in the first place.

Find someone that makes you feel like a king/queen. Hang on to them.

The second they stop looking at you "that way" it's time to leave.

Relationships are like cell phone providers. None are perfect. You just find one that works most of the time and doesn't flake out on you when you need it most.

Spooning is fun... until you wake up with a numb arm.

Clumsy is the new sexy.

Excellent words of wisdom, thanks CliffyB.

-Back to studying for my Artificial Intelligence midterm