Saturday, May 14, 2005

Asshole of assholedness

You know, thinking back to who I was and who I am now; looking back on my old blogs and comparing them to my new; before today I has always thought I was a nicer guy 4 years ago than I am now. I call myself a cynic now, someone who could be nicer. I thought I was a nice guy back then but reading my old blogs I come across as a jerk. Maybe that was my night-time personality.

I'm just trying to be me, and I see myself as a nice guy. Sometimes I'm told I'm not, but I don't know. Maybe I don't know myself. I've lost my train of thought.

-No catching up to the locomotive now
Done and Done

The MITACS conference is over, at least for me it is. There's a few more hours of seminars and some meetings for the professors. However, the profs are leaving in the early evening and I'm staying behind.

I've got another night here on campus at the University of Calgary and will be leaving tomorrow, mid-morning. A professor from the school I attend was nice enough to offer me a ride back with her, which is great because that saves me spending $72 on the Greyhound (Greyhound is a bus-line here in North America).

Last nights dinner was great, a five course meal. Starting with tiger prawns with mango salsa followed by minestrone soup. Caprese salad came after that, which I didn't like too much. The salad was a ring of tomato slices seperated with brocrmksdf cheese on a leaf of lettuce with cracked pepper and basil oil. I thought I was eating dandelion. The main course came after the salad; beef roast with whiskey gravey and a couple pieces of potato with zucchini and carrot. Desert was mango, raspberry and blackberry gelato with strawberry sauce.

I didn't win anything with my research, not that I was really expecting to. This guy won one of three first place awards for his research which is kinda fun to play with. In just over 24 hours I'll be back at home with my girlfriend. I can hardly wait.

-See you soon, sweetie

Thursday, May 12, 2005

You have been judged

I'm all done. The hard work is over. I've been questioned and judged and can now enjoy the food. Dinner tonight at the Calgary Tower, I've got no idea how to get around this city. A friend of mine from the University has offered to show me.

So I was in the Science building "A" yesterday and asking around for an aquarium. Hey, I like fish. Well, I get pointed in the direction of an office. When I ask, there, for an aquarium they said "Oh yes, we have one" followed by "Who are you trying to find?" and I said I just want to see fish. Show me an aquarium. She was singing a different song after that. Suddenly the aquarium didn't exist. What are they hiding? Sea-bass with lasers attached to their heads?

-Done for now
From the University of Calgary

I'm presenting my research in 30 minutes, and again 40 minutes after that, and again 20 minutes after that. Then my job here is done. From then on all I have to do is show up for food when it's available. And, I suppose, attend a seminar given by a professor from the University I attend.

I'm eating breakfast, and don't have too much time.

-Back to the food table