Thursday, December 14, 2006

exam time crunch time

Much ado about nothing?

Here's to hoping so. In 80 minutes I write my second of three exams for this semester's course load. I'm going into it with 61.36 out of 75 (which is 81.81%) for the course, currently. That 61.36% is my current grade for the course, meaning even without writing the exam (which is worth 25% of the total grade) I've already passed the course. But in the pit of my stomach I'm still getting that eerie feeling of dread and stress. I passed my first exam, I had 70.71% and after writing the exam I finished the course with 67.32% (the exam brought me down because I scored 58.5% on it).

It's Saturday's exam that has me worried most. I failed that course last year. I ended up with 42% (magical number, w00t). But there is a glimmer of hope, I'm at 36 out of 60 at the moment, being 60% for the current grade. I need only 14 out of 40 on the final exam to pass the course. I think I can do it this time around, I had 52% the first midterm, 62% the second midterm... maybe this time around I can get 72% on the final exam :) Ok, it's time for me to go. It'll take an hour to drive there and I now only have 72 minutes until the exam starts.

What a pointless post... I suppose it has helped a little to get it off my chest.

-Two days to go and I'm all done this semester