Thursday, July 20, 2006

crystal clear

Looking back

The last few posts I've made over the last few months (starting at the beginning of May?) have much referred to a tight group of friends. Those included Adam, Jenn, Crystal and I. Adam is a friend of mine from University who is in the same degree/year that I am in. Have I told you the story of how we all came to hang out this summer?

I got a phone call from Del, my 'other mom'. She knew I didn't know too many people where I'm living. She gave me the number to a friend of hers who was my age who had given her permission to tell me to call her some time to go party. I called that girl, Stephanie, that night. She invited me to a party at her place and a bush party to follow later, for the next night. Steph said I could bring a friend if I liked. So I called Adam.

Adam and I show up, we're the first there. You learn :-p don't show up too early. Later that night while people are showing up, two girls arrive together. Two gorgeous girls, one brown haired with brown eyes and a pretty face and another tall bombshell of a blonde. These were Jenn and Crystal respectively.

Now, I didn't know anyone at this party before I showed up to it. Not even Stephanie. Adam didn't know anyone either, so we were there and relying on Stephanie to keep us entertained. It turns out Jenn and Adam worked together a couple summers before, which had them talking. Crystal and I didn't really talk to each other at the house. Later that night we're at the bush party and I'm kind of hanging out with Stephanie, but she informs me she's leaving. So Adam and I are left to our own devices, which in the end turns out to be a blessing. Adam, Jenn, Crystal and I spend the rest of the night until 4am talking. Once in a while we're harassed by a guy named Mike who doesn't drop the subject of "Labia" and "juices flowing". It almost got physical a few times as Adam and I did what we could to have him stop bothering the girls. That would be another story all together.

I would later learn that Crystal might not have even showed up to the party at all. She just happened to see Jenn walking passed her house that same day. Jenn asked Crystal if she'd like to go to a party. Crystal hummed and hawed and was finally convinced to go. Upon arrival at the party, they picked out the two guys they *might* like to get to know. Adam and I were the ones they picked out. Jenn knew no one at the party before-hand except Stephanie, and then Adam. Crystal knew no one at the party except Jenn. When Stephanie left later that night, we were brought together by necessity and a few social ties. The rest is history.

What history? Since meeting the girls we have played pool together. Gone camping. Walked Kal Lake park during the day and night. Had our fair share of scares along the Kal Lake Park trails at night without a flashlight. Built a fire along the beach at Cosin's Bay. We have made up stories one word at a time between the four of us. Enjoyed frappuchinos and slurpees and icecream blizzards. Gone out for dinner countless times across the Okanagan and Shuswap Valleys. Danced too many nights to count, weekend or weekday. Gone ten pin bowling in Kelowna. Watched more movies than I dare remember. Enjoyed each others company at the cinema and drive-in theatre. We've done coffee at a lot of the coffee shops around here. We've watched the "Teen Girl Squad." Gone floating down the river in Enderby on tubes we bought and blew up the same day. We all went together when I got my ears pierced. We've done barbeques and family get togethers. Roasted marshmallows and made smores in my back yard, and movie nights on the big screen.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head. That is the history. We did this for two months, Crystal and I paying special attention to one another. We finally made it official. We've been together for almost two weeks now, July 9 being a date for us to remember. We have more plans for the rest of the summer.

-Best summer ever!