Monday, February 05, 2007

The Watchmen

w00t! Here's to another awesome episode of Heroes

My girlfriend and I love that show. People with super powers coming together to save the day. But what about the people with mediocre powers?

You never hear about the person who never has to sleep or the person who can go without ever having to eat. "Hey, Bob. What's your power? Want to know mine? I'm totally immune to warts."

I suppose the story is where the super powers are. What's so exciting about the mediocre power to stop the growth of your hair and finger nails? The power to sprout zits all over your body. Hey, in a universe populated with people who have special abilities, any of these are possibilities.

-I think there's a graphic novel related to this called 'The Watchmen'

Sleep versus Eating

My girlfriend and I at times debate what would be the preferred power: To never have to sleep or to never have to eat. These are the situations; you can choose to sleep if you like, but you can go without it and still feel like it's the afternoon after a night of 8 hours sleep. Likewise, when you have the power to not eat you never starve. You can eat if you like, but if you go without you still have the satisfied feeling in your stomach like you at a healthy lunch only half an hour before.

With the power to go without sleep, your body never tires. You are never exhausted and are probably in a better mood because of it. You are awake at all hours of the day unless you choose to sleep (even though you don't have to, but it might make your significant other feel better if you do). In being awake you can get so much more accomplished. You'd have so much more time to spend learning that you'd probably become a genius. You can spend your knowledge working from your own home on things in the information technology path. Granted, in being awake all the time you'd probably have to eat more due to a higher metabolism but the money made from your personal home business could offset that.

You might be able to tell I really like the idea of not needing to sleep (though having the option to sleep at any time if I like). The power to go without food, in my opinion, has only the benefit that I'd save that much money in not having to buy groceries or go shopping for food. I'd never have to stop to eat which at times is an inconvenience. I could still choose to eat if I like, and enjoy social time eating with friends, but it doesn't grant me the extra time in the day that going without sleep could provide.

-I had a train of thought but it derailed