Saturday, September 10, 2005


Nothing Really

Done the school thing for a few days, went to some classes.

Algorithm Analysis
Could be an alright class. I figure anything that teaches you how to do something better is worth while. Though my first lecture left me feeling like I know nothing about computer science at all. If I apply myself (I spent the last 3 hours refreshing myself with sorting algorithms) then I can pull a good grade.

Introduction to Philosophy Term 1
I've always enjoyed philosophy and am glad to be taking another. This is my first philosophy class since my first year of university (three years ago, Logic and Critical Thinking) and think I can really perform well in it. Our first lecture was a 'field trip' to the gymnasium where the Presidents from the universities of Ritsumeikan (Japan), Mexico, Korea, Singapore, and British Columbia were assembled to discuss the term 'Global Citizen' and how each of their universities was doing their part to contribute to the world. Our goal was to decide if the colloquium could come up with a solid definition of 'global citizen' or if it was just a bunch of crap. (Crap).

Modelling and Simulation
Holy crap, this class seems to be made for me. That doesn't mean I'd have the best grade in the class but it does mean it'd do a better job than most of holding my attention. Since I've been working on my own simulation (ie Codling Moths) for the last year and a while I thought it was in my best interest to find out really what I've been doing wrong this whole time. The professor frowns on real-life situations encountered in every day life such as standing in line at a bank (queuing theory). Instead, he rather prefers to simulate things that can be turned into games (game theory). I think I like that last part. Sadly, I'm on a wait-list. Second on a waitlist, 6 others in line behind me. 20 people in the class. 18 of the registered students showed up to class, I took up seat 19. I hope I can get in.

Been reading TUX eZine. Nice read for casual Linux users.

-Wireless 'net working with my Linux partition. w00t

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

back at school

School has begun

Year 4 of my degree has just begun. I went to school today for the orientation, not because I felt I really needed to be oriented but because I need to win the tuition prize offered as a free raffle today. The free pizza lunch and rootbeer floats was a nice bonus, too. And seeing my friends and getting a hand finishing up my wireless setup in my Kubuntu partition.

I'd had the wireless setup 90% done. I just didn't know how to modprobe wlan0 and iwconfig, etc etc.

I'm performing my third motorcycle skills test tomorrow. Third because I failed it the first time and it expired a month after I passed it the second time. When I pass it tomorrow I'm good for 11 months from then (not a full year because I've waited a month since renewing my license already).

-No news, bye bye