Monday, June 12, 2006

pierced times 4 times

Metal person

I now have a total of seven piercings. This last Saturday (two days ago) I brought out my friends Adam, Jenn and Crystal to my 'hometown' I grew up in. I went to the piercing shop my friend from highschool works at. She ran a needle through my ears four times, twice in each lobe. Now I'm set up for orbitals, where one ring sits within two piercings. At the moment I'm wearing four rings as the swelling goes down within the next few days, and soon after I'll be good to go with my orbitals.


I've insured my motorcycle, a Yamaha Virago 750cc all cherry red with flame tints. I've been riding that around the last week, save for the days it rains (3 of them, today included because it's rainy).


I've still been keeping busy. I got kicked out of a bar two weekends ago, I think because I was too drunk and stumbling when I walked. Not very proud of that, but it was my first time getting kicked out.

Likewise, there have been lots of movies to watch and beaches to walk and frappuchinos to drink and lakes to swim and sun to soak up and floors to dance on. This is still an awesome summer, and only 1/4 started.

-I've seen the ex around, maybe she's seen me too