Monday, October 16, 2006


I love you

I have said it and it has been said in return. Wow, that's an awesome thing to hear. To think, in a previous relationship I put up with not hearing a mutual "I love you" for three and a half years. To be fair, I heard it twice before this relationship, but she played it off like it was a joke I tricked her into. This time it just feels right, like I'm not the only one who's making an attempt. She's sweet! An awesome girl.

-Not just a computer virus any more

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Broken glass

That's what I had waiting for me Wednesday morning as I went to my car to drive to school. The night before, someone had smashed my drivers-side window. There was still a lot of glass hanging from the frame, evidence that they were not attempting to break in. Nothing was taken, the door was still locked. Someone must have decided it would be fun to smash some glass and disappear.


Alternate Reality

On a lighter note, I've been messing around with an old computer that was given to me this summer. I've turned it into a webserver which can be found HERE, complete with a blog and forums. I'm still working on it, my next goal is to get the mailserver set up so I can operate emails out of it from addresses such as

-Wouldn't that be fun