Friday, September 23, 2005

bugged eyes

Least I could do

I just spent the last two hours with my eyes glued to the computer monitor reading through a years worth of LICD archives. It's an entertaining strip.

I get cable internet and TV today. w00t, I finally have another way to waste time at home.

-To class now

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the struggle

Disgruntled Professors

I don't know if this is common only to French people or if it's a magical force that insists at least one of your professors must be a complete jackass. I'm registered for Algorithm Analysis in the computer science degree here at UBC. Well, I was under the impression that I might not have met the prerequisite to the class so I requested a waiver. The professor gave me the "I doubt I'll let you in. To satisfy you, I'll ask my colleagues" speech. He emails me his reply, "No, because of two things. 1) You'll be an extra paper to grade and 2) I'll have to slow the class down and explain everything to you twice". So I politely replied through email asking him to reconsider. His answer, "No".

Well, I checked the calendar and I didn't need a minimum grade in any of the three requisite classes. Just to have passed all three. So I apologized to him in his office. "Let me check. Hrm, you're right. You are in my class. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it." Then he went on about some issue with plaguerizing my homework. I straightened that out by showing him where I quoted my source. He's out to get me.

-French or disgruntled. Same thing, right?