Thursday, February 01, 2007

with the ex in laws

The more things change, the more they stay the same

As readers of this blog know, I was involved with someone for a long time. That someone can be referred to as my ex-girlfriend.

I just had lunch with her Dad. They always did treat me well, her parents. I hadn't seen him since March of last year. In fact, he handed me $40 saying he'd missed my birthday and Christmas and that was to make up for it. He said he was proud of me for what I was doing with my life. He said I was always a good guy. He said he'd really like to see me graduate and be there for the ceremony and then I cried. I think it was the bit about being at my ceremony. I hadn't realized how cool he was with me and that brought back the memory of just how much I was welcomed into his family. To be fair, his eyes teared up a bit, too.

Of course that is over now. Both he and his wife are great people. I'll give them a call when it comes time for me to graduate. Maybe I'll get around to going for a bike ride with him some time in the summer.

I've got another great family welcoming me in right now. I've got a great girl who replies to my I love you's. I don't think I could be in a better place right now. My time is being invested in the future I have going this very moment. I love my girl. We have a great future together and that can get even better now after making peace with another part of my past.

-Here's to a bright future, Crystal!