Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the cost of support

Holy crap!

For lack of a better exclamation. Yeah! Holy crap! The kind of holy crap that's brown and sticky, like a stick. What have I been learning during my training at work? Well, I'm not sure I can say too much. But I've learned that in the first half of a work day there easily 400 calls placed for tech support. 400 people in the first half of the day (and I've heard it can get up to 8000 in a single day) willing to pay $39 to $69 for someone to uninstall and reinstall a freaking piece of software! And that isn't even the business rate! That's the personal home-computer rate for regular people. I understand not everyone has a daughter's boyfriend who can troubleshoot their computer for them. But get this, I'm paid to search through the product websites support page. Yes, that is right. Most everything available to me is available to the public through the product support page. Look here, I've done a search for "blue screen" and come up with lines I can feed the customer over the phone. For $39~$69 per troubleshoot I think I'd look into fixing the problem myself.

-I'm fine with helping people, I just don't agree with the outrageous fees

Sunday, May 06, 2007

More flair

Like Jennifer Aniston's character in the movie Office Space

I don't have enough flair. I mean this in regard to how I write my blog posts. I don't even want to read them myself. Regardless, I begin my training tomorrow as awesome expert-tech support for Symantec's Anti-Virus software. I will keep you posted. And maybe have a little flair. If I make fun of the customers who call then that might bring a little something extra [Edit: I meant if I make fun of them here in my blog. Not on the phone!]. T-Minus 6 hours 30 minutes until I need to wake up (yes, 5am) to get ready for work.

-Totally wicked awesome phone answering guy