Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas time presents

Christmas and the meaning

I just deleted a post about the various presents I unwrapped (early) for Christmas. I had an early Christmas with family and friends as I am away for the holidays. I'm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada right now. I deleted the description of the cool gifts I got because that is not what Christmas is about. I was spoiled this Christmas, and to those who spoiled me (everyone who got me a present, honestly!) I thank you very much. I know you didn't gift me with the expectation to be gifted back this year or any time in the future when I can afford it. My Dad told me so, it's not about expecting in return. And he's right. But I really do want to make it up to you guys whenever I can. Be it giving my girlfriend 75 massages over the course of the next year (and not just sissy ones because that's just a waste of 5 minutes and don't count) or even getting my Mom and Dad a killer entertainment system 5 years from now or buying my Dad a remote vehicle starter when I can finally afford presents greater than $30 in value. I appreciate that you all put so much effort into making these holidays great. Dinner was awesome. The time spent together afterward was memorable. Christmas is about relationships and giving.

-I thank each of you. Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2006

sexy geeks

I found this site listing the person's top 10 sexiest geeks

I didn't make the list. Not even an honourable mention.

-Maybe next year

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Good times

I have finished writing my exams for the semester, 12:30pm Saturday was my last exam. My grades are in, I'm pleased to announce I have passed all my courses this semester. Saturday's exam was a redo, because I'd taken and failed that class last year. My final grade was a 22% increase over my final grade for that class last year. I exceeded my expectations for the course and the others as well.

So now I have time for games. I've been playing Bookworm Adventures which consumed two hours of my life tonight. It's a great game that will easily distract you from the other things in your life that you might want to do, such as working out kinks in your website or playing Neverwinter Nights or Paper Mario for the Gamecube.

To relax, after my last final, I went to a christmas play on ice. It was a figure skating thinger, whatever those are called... ballet on ice? titled "If you just believe" which consisted of 200+ figure skaters dressed up in costumes telling a story. It was pretty cool, and an awesome christmas present to my girlfriend and I from my Dad. So I took them out for dinner afterward. My girlfriend and I spent the night at friends' house in Sicamous (a town an hour from here). That was a good night, I hadn't hung out with them in almost a year. The next day consisted of bowling with those friends, and shopping at the Vernon mall. Good times.

Now it's 2:37am and I've got to get myself to sleep. How am I going to wake up early enough to work on my website before the primal urge to entertain myself sets into motion?

-Hoping this made sense as I'm getting pretty tired here