Sunday, February 11, 2007

Late-Winter fun

So the bars and clubs people my age go to are usually pretty quiet around this time of year. So I haven't been out dancing/drinking in a while. Last night, however, my girlfriend and I decided to change that. We went out with another couple, first bowling then wandering around WalMart and then out the a local pub, Monashees. We drank, we danced, we went for icecream afterward. It was good fun. Here's a particular quote I remember at the end of the night as Mark, of the other couple, was scooping some icecream from a container his girlfriend Deanne was holding:

M: Ack! I was going for it and you made me pull out and now I've got it all over myself.
All: Hahaha
M: Now I've got a sticky hand.
All: Crying from laughing so hard.

-Reading/Spring break coming up soon