Tuesday, October 10, 2006

two months later

Two months later...

Yes, there's been a temporary hiatus. I finished up my summer research (at least for the year) and took a little vacation. My girlfriend, her sister, and I went to Edmonton where I visited with my sister and her husband. It was nice to see the two of them again. While we were in Edmonton we made a visit to the West Edmonton Mall. Unfortunately while I was there I did not stop in at the BioWare studio. Most of the vacation was spent in Lloydminster, a city that exists on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

School's been going well. I failed a class last year, Algorithm Analysis. Thus far I have passed the midterm and done very well on the homework. The other classes are going great, too. But wow! I get a lot of homework this year, I've never been so busy. I do have plenty to keep me occupied outside of school.

My girlfriend is great. We're going to a gym together to work out. I'll attempt to get buff, she'll look even hotter.

I bought a Nintendo DS and a couple games. "New Super Mario Bros" is a great game. Since I've beaten it I can't say I've felt like replaying it. "Super Mario 64 DS" is a whole different game in itself. There are enough things changed between the Nintendo 64 version and the DS for even experts of the 64 version to want to play.

And I've been messing with an old computer I was given. You can find it at waggy.is-a-geek.org where I've got another blog going there. Not much in it though.

-Busy computer scientist