Friday, October 07, 2005

Of knapsacks and ceiling wax

Of Knapsacks and feeding cats, broccoli and queens

This year is tough. This Algorithm Analysis course I am in is being taught by a know-it-all math wizard who expects nothing less than perfection from his students. And since I am far less than perfect I'm a prime candidate for his French snobbery. By now, however, he realizes how poorly his entire class is doing so out of the kindness of his heart (or something like that) he is awarding a standard point on the last test for keeping your booklet neat and readable. 24 out of 25 of those marks are legitimate knowledge testing questions, and that last grade is actually counted toward your final grade. It's a 'question' on the test. You can get less than a perfect score if you answered 100% of the questions correctly but failed to do it in a tidy way.

The Knapsack algorithm has proven to be kind of fun. I can say the same for the (N) 8-Queens problem as well. I think I'll post the algorithms so they are available on the interweb. It turns out that good algorithms that are easy to understand are so hard to find on here. Maybe the thought police force people to take them down so the students of the future don't have a source to plageurize from.

Dungeon Siege
My brother bought Dungeon Siege II on the weekend. It came at a bad time, seeing how I had 3 assignments, one essay and a test to study for. Never-the-less we played. And it was fun. At this moment I can find nothing more satisfying than beating the crap out of a big unique monster holding my breath hoping he drops the next item to the set I'm collecting (night).

-Car battery died, been riding my motorcycle all week.