Friday, August 04, 2006

Stay off the sidewalk...

... I have my motorcycle license. I passed my road test yesterday and now hold my class 5 and 6 licenses. I celebrated by taking my girlfriend out for a cruise beside both Okanagan and Kalamalka lakes last night. I can finally take passengers with me.

My relationship is going awesome. My work is getting boring, frustrating, stale.

It seems to me that my life goes through cycles. While there are things that do not effect the cycle so much, there are others that definitely come and go in waves. CounterStrike, for example... I'll play it for a month at a time, and then won't touch it again for anywhere between 8 to 12 months, at which time I'll play it again for a month straight. Occasionaly I'll get caught up in work where my effort is noticed to great effect, but that's only for a month of a four month summer. Video games, that's a more frequent occurance. I'll play my games for a couple weeks, then drop them for a month or two then I'll pick them up again.

There's probably other cycles that I could call attention to but they aren't coming to me off the top of my head. A month ago I was looking forward to school starting, now I just don't know. I'm really looking forward to my work ending, but it's just dragging on so long. It's not that I don't like working, or even the project(s) that I'm working on. It's that my attention is being split between completing one project and getting another started and it's a different sensation.

My professor wants me to finish our codling moth project so we can get our paper into pre-publishing. On the other hand she had me start another project this summer, to do with honey bees and a transgenic apple gene. She wants that one completed so we can start running experiments so as to get another paper written. That's what is frustrating. I can't focus on any one project so I forget what it is I'm doing and then I play a video game (Super Mario RPG which I just finished 30 minutes ago. Next up is Paper Mario for the n64). If I don't have anything to show for, I feel my professor will be disappointed with me. And of course she will be. So I can spend the next two hours of my time filtering data and coming up with results for our codling moth project or I can spend that time programming bee/flower/hive behaviour and have something to show for the bee project. Ack!

Sorry, that's off topic, I just went on a bit of a rant. I'm going to get back to work here, probably just filtering data because it's monotanous and easy to fall into a groove.

-Taking the easy way out today